Reverie is a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts, a daydream a dreamy or musing state, which is how we typically feel while we’re skating. In Summer 2019 we started a local skate community on Facebook to organize local skate meetups and learn to skate sessions. After seeing that it was difficult for our community to find skates, it only seemed natural that the next step would be to offer skates and gear. Reverie Skate Shop was founded by a sisterhood of skaters. We wanted to have a friendly skate shop that encouraged more skaters in our community, knowing all too well how intimidating a skate shop can be for first time skaters with lots of questions! We have a combined skate history of 15 years of ice, park, street, outdoor, and rink. So if you’ve got questions or need skates or gear, we’ve got you covered!