Melrose Lavender Skate

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Feel the roller skate groove! The Chaya Melrose Lavender is a classic-fresh looking lifestyle roller skate. Whether you’re buying your first pair of roller skates or you?re a seasoned vet adding to your collection, you will be thrilled with the look and feel of the Melrose ? Lavender skate. This skate will propel you back in time to 1970s California and the heart of the roller skating movement. A comfortable and supportive vegan boot paired with our fiberglass reinforced Chaya Aja plate, Octo Propel outdoor wheels (78a, 61mm) and WICKED ABEC 7 bearings ensures a smooth and comfortable ride. You will look and feel great while travelling from A to B, cruising with friends or dancing long into the night. 

We recommend you trace your foot on a piece of paper, with the pen straight up and down and your full weight on your foot. Then measure the longest part of your foot in centimeters for a correct length. Even a half centimeter can make a big difference in fit!  Find your US women’s size by matching with the correlating centimeter size. 


If you have any questions on sizing, we’re happy to help!