The Evolution of Skating: From the Heart of SK8RZ by Amirah Palmer

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The Evolution of Skating is a collaboration, a journey of sorts, detailing the skate culture. It is the “Evolution” of the skater and how they have grown in passion and skill over the years. Featuring the stories of Skaters legendary and new, Deejays, Event Coordinators, Videographers, Skate Critics, rink owners national and international. Each chapter will provide a sneak peek inside the life of the individual and the culture, this gritty, fun, family friendly, sometimes underground but well-known phenomenon that has stood the test of time. A family pastime that has been passed down through the ages, irrespective of race, religion, social or financial status. It’s an art that can be enjoyed as a family or alone. It’s a stress reliever, fun, exercise, a sport, entertainment and even a life saver to some. The concept of this book is one of the many loves that had been stagnant in my heart and finally came to fruition with the help of my co-authors. I wanted to provide a platform for each person to tell their journey of what skating has meant to them, with the hopes to inspire, invite encourage, enlighten and brighten the day of each person who turns the page of this book or listens to their stories via the audio book. The history of roller skating began back in 1735 when the first roller skate was invented by John Joseph Merlin, from Belgium. He debuted his new wheeled shoes in London at a party, but crashed into a mirror, embarrassed but not deterred, he went back to the drawing board. In Paris the year 1819, Mr. M. Petitbled, a French inventor patented a three-wheeled inline skate model and in 1863 Mr. James Plimpton designed quad skates according to the National Museum of Roller Skating and this, revolutionized roller skating. Plimpton went on to establish the New York Roller Skating Association and he opened his first skating rink in 1866 at a Rhode Island resort, capitalizing on the social aspect of roller skating, he provided a place for the then young Victorian couples to meet up without being chaperoned, brilliant and wise I say. Roller skating has also been touted as a “valuable form of exercise” by many health officials. It increases the output of muscular energy, stimulates your circulation which increases perspiration all the while you can have fun whilst listing to music. Back in the early days, people would skate to a violin player, flutist, organist and the like. Deejays were not introduced to rinks for quite some time and even then, they started playing tapes from radio players not the traditional Deejays we are accustomed to spinning on turntables in this day and age. The creation and direction of roller skating has and continues to evolve. It is an ever-changing culture full of history, soul and artistry. Keep your eyes open to behold what is to come, the crafty and inventive.