The Evolution of Skating: Live, Love, Sk8 to Tell It by Amirah Palmer

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“Great skaters are not great because of their technique, but are great because of their passion” ~ unknown

You still roller skate? This is the age-old question that seasoned skaters hear each time they mention this passionate pastime, the truth is skating never ceased. Sure, it fell out of the headlines for a while until some famous and fresh faces were spotted “having a little fun”.
The evolution of skating is the journey though the lives of skaters as they share their tales of discovery, growth, inspiration and passion of when they fell in love with roller skating and the impact it has on their life. This compilation of stories will take you on a twisting ride into the gritty underground of adult roller-skating introducing event organizers, videographers, DJ’s, skate critics, rink owners and more. Giving the reader a peek into the deep, passionate and personal world of this artistic, vibrant, seldom understood historical past time called Roller Skating.